FOSTA Compliance is FOSTA Compliant.
What did FOSTA do?
FOSTA passed by US congress, has unfairly targeted women in desperate situations, using them as a scapegoat to further their internet censorship agenda and their abandonment of the true values that set our country apart. FOSTA not only blames sex workers for human trafficking, they have shut down a good tool(BP) LEA would use to find the real human traffickers, the ones who harbor illegal immigrants.

FOSTA allowed the US governement to shut down websites, if they are "harboring prosititution" this is one reason does not allow escorts on the site.
This forces them to go into the streets or the shadows of a pimp-like agency or organization. This is very dangerous for women's lives.
Who is effected?
FOSTA has made it so website owners are responsible for user content, thus eroding a once free internet, that now also forces freedom onto the darkweb. This makes it even harder for LEA to track down the actual criminals. People can sue for any user generated content on web 2.0 and other website platforms now, this makes website operators and owners, feel vulnerable and very wary in what they allow on their webpages, since they can be held responsible.
What can I do?
You can contact your local, state and federal politicians and express your concerns with the over reaching effects of FOSTA.
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